"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 037 Stop. Hammer-Time

monkey pigsy sandy mankey magic with our thoughts we create the world kung fu northern fist hell hades shark tank hammerheads hammerhead demon eye daemon eye gamma radiation the Hulk doctor bruce banner Maudite Chasse-galerie Unibroue Quebec Yoda Empire Strikes Back Hammerhead Star Wars

Captain Oarsum: ...Stout never stood a chance. I knew where he was going to be before he did. So I whacked him in the manberries and flipped him into the shark tank; which yielded odd results.

Private Stout: Oh Crap.



Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Well that’s magnificent but how am I going to explain this unholy peeper?

A Monocle?

Hellyoda: Fetching, it is. Draw focus it will.

Captain Oarsum: And correct, he was.

The training was varied and the treatment bizarre.

There was, what he called, Gamma radiation thearapy...

And daemon blood transfusion...

... it made us superhuman in strength, alacrity, and resilience.

Then he sent us off to make room for some Canadian lumberjacks who needed to learn how to fly a canoe home in time for Christmas.

And so we bid him farewell and took the portal back to Spain.

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