"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 036 Beyond precognition

Head ink well  contract on flesh bound on human flesh necronomicon  notpad alchemny demonology shelves jars movement sensor pregonative faculties tactical neural implant front line assembly beyond precognition bill leeb muckrake pigsy polearm sandy monkey magic cranium cerebral cortex  medula oblongatta

Hellyoda: So for what you are selling your souls? Context do I need to structure your training..

Lieutenant Seawalker Snr: We must defeat a mighty giant to protect our nation’s armed forces that he‘s currently wiping out.

Hellyoda: To which faction do your forces belong?

Young Lieutenant Oarsum: The British empire. We are fighting the tyrant Napoleon.

Hellyoda: Ah yes, difficult it must already be, to be at war, for once, with enemies, that can shoot back, let alone, an enlisted monster crushing you underfoot. Hmmm…

Retune your agility, I will. Expand your physical strength and will, also, I will. A little kung-fu in too I should throw, before consolidating you physical structure.

If fighting a giant you intend, then fighting high and under precarious conditions must you master.

Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Won’t we hurt each other ?

Hellyoda: Permanent damage to each other you cannot cause here! Only I can do that you, and do that to you I will if fight soon you do not.

Private Stout: Uhm… what about the hammerhead sharks?

Hellyoda: Shut up and fi-


Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Argk!

Hellyoda: Hmmm… fix that for you, in a jiffy, will I

Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Is that too large?

Hellyoda: One fits all size.

Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Huh… that wasn’t so ba-

ARGHGHGHHH!!!! My innards!!!

Hellyoda: See…

…The shadows, of you opponents movements lead his actual movements. Like a well choreographed dance every combat will become; lead every opponent will, follow you must to defeat.

Private Stout: Haha… whatever, you’re going to need a second freak eye in a minute.

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