"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 033 Atlantian Drift

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Captain McBastard: Ah... this’ll do fine.
I just nee- huh?
Ah... hello?
Atlantian: Oh great one who smote the Kraken, what manner of creature are you and how do we begin to repay you? He who fought like Hercules on rancid oysters with stature like Poseidon himself and a mysterious hue of dark, rich, purple like ink issued from the Krakens mi... oh... yes, right, we better get you a towel for that then.
Captain Mc Bastard: Cheers. Call me Heinrich. And you are?
Atlantian: We are from the sunken city over yonder... The lost city of-
Captain McBastard: Helike?
Atlantian: I... what? No, Atlantis. Helike sank too?
Captain McBastard: Yeah, a couple thousand years ago.
Atlantian: Oh... well, either way...  come to our city where we shall have a great banquet in your honour and celebrate the felling of the Kraken.
Captain McBastard: Ah... yeah what the hell.
Atlantian: Excellent.
Captain McBastard: Do you have anyone that might know how to build a giant prosthetic, high-powered, spring-loaded, winch mounted, vambrace anchor?
Atlantian: We shall consult our scholars.


Captain Breakwater: Right, well, that went something awful.
And what the hell was that big red thing?
A few days later...
Captain Breakwater: I mean, eight ships... I’ll never be able to return to Blighty.
Crewman: We’re there, Sir.
Captain Breakwater: England?
Crewman: No, Sir,  the Island.
Captain Breakwater: Ah, yes of course.

Captain Breakwater: Alright, men, form two groups; one to forage, the other to build camp!
Seamen: Yes, Sir.
Captain Breakwater:And you and I, Lieutenant can have a rudimentary look around the place.
Captain Oarsum: Breakwater, you came looking for me?
Lieutenant Seawalker: Captain Oarsum?!?
Captain Breakwater: My God man, you survived?
Captain Oarsum: You’ll excuse me if I don’t get up, my spine got ‘thwacked’ by a giant sword. Help yourselves to coconuts, but not the ones just behind me, I’m trying to ferment the juice in the sun.

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