"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 032 As the Hellparrot Flies

grantleigh to the manor born persuit green blur parrot riding fuse bomb spy vs spy

Mr.Myrkull: Kraaah
Greenbeard: Those poor bastards, yar har har ar har.
Hellball Zombie 1: Kkkkghhhghslll...
Hellball Zombie 2: Glllhhkkkhhhhhh...
Seaman: Oh God!
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Damnit, we’re losing them.
Ogre McNutjob:Hey look! Mr.Myrkull’s got Greenbeard.
Greenbeard: Agh! Me Chin!
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Welcome aboard the Grantl- ooo.
Greenbeard: Nnygghh! What’s been happening, Pierre?
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Well, the HMS Peckham is getting too much ground on us. As both these ships have lost their main masts. We did get a bit of a surprise attack on them before they got away from us, though.
Greenbeard: Well we need to finish the job...
Pierre L'eau Bleue:How?
Greenbeard: We could get someone small and light to ride Mr.Mrkull over there with some fuse bombs. Two in his claws and two in their hands.
Ogre McNutjob: Someone small you say...?
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Someone light...?
Greenbeard: AGEDASHI!!!
Deckhand: What the hell was that?
Midshipman: If I tell you what I thought I saw would you promise not to lau-

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