"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 031 Lost City

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Ship Computer: Releasing prisoners from officer cell 1.
Lieutenant Pipeblower:Thank you. Now what?
Ship Computer: There is an emergency ‘Jaw Release Switch’ that will stop the ship being dragged further.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Where is it?
Ship Computer:  Go to the end of the corridor, turn right, then left, then take the second right, and...
Captain Witherspoon: Steady on, we can’t exactly skip there!
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Ah, found it.
Ship Computer: Jaw released.
Captain McBastard: DIE! And then some!
Some time later...
Captain McBastard: Now give me back my freaking hand?
Ah... well... at least the ink’s off. Going to be a tricky sewing back on.
Well, I suppose I could use the HMS   Hammersmith's anchor as a hook...
It should have sunk around here som-
William H Macy!!! ...it can’t be...

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