"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 003 Ship Happens

Wine Sake cream balls cup stein hat hook hooks coat pirate grass shadow green beard interuption giant stain watermark sondesation ocean sea hell skull fallout 2 metal thrash death speed black bubble cheer emote gateway port drydock drink beer mead meed flagon ale public house bar pub nuts french scottish irish japanese chinese chopsticks samurai sword rapier cutlas cutlass boot wooden stairs timber oak walls victorian edwardian port rum zombie flesh psycholic scale mail cloth linen claok flag jolly roger vambraces leather button scarf yar arrr arrrr arrrrr ar arr ho ho ho and a bottle of rum scallywag loot booty bay
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Well I haven’t quite explained the arrangement just yet, Sir.
Captain McBastard: What? Why not?
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Well ye see, afore I could, they all wanted to come down here first and...
Ogre McNutjob: Meet you in person!
Burgundy Pete: Err, yeah! To here this wonderful proposition.
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Kickhmmfphyrsss..
Captain McBastard: Here’s the deal: I need your ships to create a bigger ship, because at the moment, stepping around the sails is a real bastard.
You will be compensated of course. Either take an IOU for the cash I owe or you the first ship I steal.
Either way, you can travel with me, and you may as well, because I’m going to need your crews, who’ve already agreed to come along. As we speak  they are constructing the most metal ship ever! So go get drunk for a week and then come back.

Later... Back at ‘The Captains Inn’

Ogre McNutjob: Right, well this is a bit of a pickle.
Pier L’Eau Bleue: A pickle that’s been poisoned then dipped in shit  then shot out of a cannon at you, Oui.
Agedashi: The Salty Dragon was a one-of-a-kind ship. I cannot be ‘compensated’ for it. He must Die.
Lieutenant Greenbeard: I figured you’d like him, L’Eau Blue.
Pier L’Eau Bleue: Why’s that?
Lieutenant Greenbeard: He fought for Napoleon.
Pier L’Eau Bleue: Crème de Couilles!!! He’s THAT giant?!? 

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