"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 029 Damage ink

Teeth Nurosurgery Kraken medical marine biology biting carpatation carpal severence trauma cranial incision blood bubbles sea brine ink squid suidink vambrace vambraces leather  eye lazers lasers laser lazer hex vision pharanx trauma imperial heinrich von bastard pirate giant  tow towtruck bite chewing devour consume enjoy

Captain McBastard:
Huh... I thought you guys were supposed to have beaks.
Nngghh... steady on old chap, I’ve a better idea.
Lobotomy by laser surgery!
Yes, that’s the ticke-


EECKK Ohh... blechhh Squid-ink
Well played, Sir, well pl-


ARGGHH!!! My Hand! I need that for going all John Woo with my cannons!
Not to mention doing a handstand later to drain my lungs of seawater.
Uh, where are we going?

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