"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 027 Boarding Party-Mix

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Captain Breakwater: Lieutenant, I know you’re suffering from the loss of Captain Oarsum, but you forget yourself.
Lieutenant Seawalker: I’m sorry Sir, it’s just that we lost the ‘Cricklewood’, the ‘Hammersmith’, and the ‘Grantleigh’. If we return empty handed...
Captain Breakwater: Empty handed? The deom ship we though a sea beast was dragged beneath by an actual sea beast. The Giant went down with the ‘Hammersmith’ although my report will credit Oarsum with slaying him.
And look, that’s the ‘Grantleigh’ over there, pulling up to assist the ‘Balby’.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Oh... eh... assist the ‘Balby’?
Captain Breakwater: Yes, it got flipped by the Kraken. They’ll have taken quite a beating from that.
Now there’s an Island not too far from here. We’re going to regroup and assess our losses.

HMS Balby Lieutenant:
Not to worry men, here come the ‘Granleigh’. So hang in there we’re saved.
Burgundy Pete: Yar... about that.
HMS Balby Lieutenant: Ah.
HMS Balby Crewman: Oh Sharkpiss.

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