"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 026 Das Booty

hand cannon fireship fire ship wreck ship wreck sinking ship dive kraken mix grill surf and turf  parrot ships computer shut down seal submersion submersible captains quarters prison cell cell block lock down red light das boot submarine diving bell violet emergency lights back up generator AI Artificial Intelligence avast ye bastard heinrich von bastard captain mc bastard captain jack captain half face jack McBastard green eye skull sea beast

Captain McBastard:
Hey! Get off my goddamned ship!!!
Oi, seafood extender, I’m talking to you!
Do NOT make me swim over there.
Dude, this is uncool. Those Naval gits are getting away, you mix grill motherlicker!

Captain Greenbeard: Yes... feel the chomp!
Ye Be draggin’ this ship for the rest of yer days, Kraken.
AGH!!! It’s got me head!!!
Oooowwwwww!!!! We need to get you a harness!

Midshipman Jenkins:
Ah, that giant parrot just took Greenbeard away...
Imprisoned Crewman 1: Well... that’s just great.
Imprisoned Crewman 2: Nngh...
Ship Computer : Unscheduled dive detected. Sealing lower decks.
Imprisoned Crewman 3: Woah, was that a woman?
Midshipman Jenkins: Hey love, we’re down here!
Be a good lass and let us out before the ship goes under!


Ship Computer : Lower decks now safely facilitated for submersion.
Imprisoned Crewman 3: Uh... what did she just say?

Lieutenant Pipeblower: Well, I’m guessing that stampede we heard was the ship being abandoned, so who’s the wench?
Captain Witherspoon: Wench? That was a ladies voice, young Pipeblower.
Captain Stable: Enough about the mystery skirt, we got to find a way out of this cell.

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