"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 025 Lockjaw

Fireship breakwater heinrich von bastard barend nieuwstraten pirate comic kraken poulpe squid octopus giant seabeast sea beast sail mast hull deck smoke fire rain gail storm extendable bridge boarding party evacuate evacuation sinking ship

Captain McBastard:
Uh... little help?
Captain Breakwater: Ready cannons...
Aim, Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Ffffffffffflipping heck!!!
Bollocks to this, we’re out of here. Signal the others!

Buccaneer: The Krakken seems to be pulling us down, Sir.
Greenbeard: Have ye tried shooting the tentacles?
Buccaneer:Our rifles don’t bother it and we can’t get at them with the cannons. What do we do?
Greenbeard:The only chance is to evacuate the crew and Join the other Captains on the ‘Grantleigh’.
Buccaneer:But Sir, the Eviscerators Jaws need to be unlocked to release the ship, and that can only be done...
Greenbeard:...From on board, I know... RUN!
Buccaneer:But... Aye aye, Captain.

Greenbeard:Take that squiddy!
Burgundy Pete: Ye Gads, what a day.
Ogre McNutjob: He’s giving it hell!
Pierre L'eau Bleue: That’s it Greenbeard, bite that colossal green poulpe in the testicles!
Burgundy Pete: Tentacles.
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Ah, Oui.
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