"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 024 David and Goliath

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Captain McBastard: Stop that, you freaky monkey!
Captain Oarsum: On behalf of my crew I send thee back to hell.
Captain McBastard: Aghhh!!!! My Heart!
Captain Oarsum: May it beat no more!

Various Crew: (Cheering) Yes! OARSUM! OARSUM!

Lieutenant Seawalker: Did you see that? That was incredible.
Captain Breakwater: My God, the old man did it. He actually beat that thing.
Lieutenant Seawalker: I knew he would, I just knew it.
Captain Breakwater: Had I heard it I’d have never believed it.
Captain Oarsum: My crew is avenged.
Captain McBastard: Actually, no. I’m fine. I was just messing with you
Captain Oarsum: What?!?
Captain McBastard: I’ve never seen balls like that! I had to give you something. You jumped on to a sinking ship impaled by a fire ship to fight a giant. You’re quite possibly the greatest human who ever existed and I salute you.

Now, kindly Fuck off!


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