"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 023 Fireship Down

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HMS Haltemprice

Hellball Zombie 1: Kkhhlhlhlhlkkkk
Hellball Zombie 3: Chchchllkkk
Hellball Zombie 2: Gurgle
Crewman: Well that explains why we stopped firing, Sir.
Midshipman: Yes, quite. I’m guessing head-shots are out.

HMS Peckham and HMS Hammersmith

Crewman: Come on, quick! Move!

Captain McBastard: You’ve started a war you’ll regret.
Captain Oarsum: You started it by attacking our ships.
Captain McBastard: Au cointreau, your Lord Nels-
Captain Oarsum: I think you mean  “au contre”
Captain McBastard: Ah yes, getting a bit thirsty here. Now, you want a piece of me or what?
Captain Oarsum: I’m going to take the whole cake you bastard!
Lieutenant Seawalker: But Captain, he’s 30 feet tall.
Captain Oarsum: He killed our crew and torched our ship, and I’m twice the man he’ll ever be.
Captain McBastard: Once I cut you in half you’ll only be once the man I’ll ever be!
Captain Oarsum: Have at you!
Captain McBastard: RAAAAGHGHGH!!!
Captain Oarsum: Too slow!
Captain McBastard: Holy crap!

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