"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 002 Hostile Takeover

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The Captains Inn, Pirate Town Mutiny Cove

Lieutenant Greenbeard:  A-hem... Can I ‘ave yer attention?!?
Pirate patron: Hey look, it’s Captain Greenbeard!
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Er, yeah, hi. Got some bad news fer everyone docked on Pier Four.
Yer ships have been commandeered...
Pier L’Eau Blue: By who?
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Captain McBastard
Burgundy Pete: He thinks so does he? Take us to him.
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  I should warn ye, he’s really big.
Ogre McNutjob: We aint scared. Lead us to him!
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Well... okay.
Captain McBastard: Ah Greenbeard, That was quick.
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Here ye go...
Captain McBastard: Ah, Burgundy Pete “Two hook” O’Scruffigan, Pier L’Eau Blueu, Agedashi the Jade Pirate, and Ogre McNutjob the Mad Sea Monk, I presume.
Agedashi: !
Ogre McNutjob: Blimey!
Pier L’Eau Blue: Merde!
Burgundy Pete: By Neptune’s sack!
Lieutenant Greenbeard:  Eh... Here he is.
Captain McBastard: I trust you’ve come to discuss the terms of our arrangement.
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