"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 019 Balls of Infernium

iron infurnium Brass telescope crowsnest hand giant Heinrich Von Bastard Captain Jack Captain half face jack mcbastard cannons bore grond gronde Moby Dick Captain Ahab I think that someone is trying to kill me Infecting my blood and destroying my mind No man of the flesh could ever stop me The fight for this fish is a fight to the death White whale - holy grail What remorseless emperor commands me I no longer govern my soul I am completely immersed in darkness As I turn my body away from the sun  White whale - holy grail Split your lungs with blood and thunder When you see the white whale Break your backs and crack your oars men If you wish to prevail This ivory leg is what propels me Harpoons thrust in the sky Aim directly for his crooked brow And look him straight in the eye White whale - holy grail White whale - holy grail Herman Melville Ishmael  Elijah  Ahab Moby Dick Starbuck Stubb Flask Queequeg Tashtego Daggoo Fedallah Pip Dough-boy Pequod over shoot over shot overshoot overshot

There be a few naval ships headin’ for us.
Captain McBastard: Fire a warning shot.
Cannoneer: Aye aye, me Captain’s Captain.
 Captain McBastard: Not so High!
Hell-cannons are more accurate than regular cannons. Just point them where you want them to hit. That’s going to go for miles.
Ahab: Ah, what a fine day for whaling.
Harpooner: Look Captain, an albino Sperm Whale.
Ahab: Why yes, I think you’re ri-
My leg!
You Bastard.

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