"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 018 Port Hole

Any port in a storm decanter rum captains room ready room chambers porthole Le Pact De Lupe Brotherhood of the wolf 20,000 Leagues beneath the Sea crows nest crowsnest rain storm gale fleet beast

Captain Breakwater:
I’m afraid this port’s a little young, but I’m saving the good stuff for a victory dinner.
Captain Oarsum: Oh well. Any port in a storm.
Captain Breakwater: Yes, well... You’re probably wondering why I invited you over for this little... Captain to Captain.
Captain Oarsum: I’m hoping you’re going to tell me how long you plan to keep us all out there looking for this ridiculous sea-monster of yours.
Captain Breakwater: I saw my ship devoured by the gargantuan maw of an ungodly abomination...
Captain Oarsum: With red glowing eyes, each the size of an elephant. Yes, we all read your report on the loss of the HMS Inflammable.
Captain Breakwater: Good. We don’t want the men frozen with shock when they see it.
Captain Oarsum: What confounds me is that parliament actually approved this obscene expedition with the consent of his Ma-
Lookout: THE BEAST!

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