"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 131 Sail Casual

return of the jedi admiral piet shuttle tyberius semaphore ice mountain skull spikes ship navy pirates eye hole crows nest flags darth vader
Midshipman Jenkins: Pirates Cove is up ahead... although it looks different to last time.
Lieutenant Kirk: How so?
Midshipman Jenkins: Bigger, colder, eviler...
Captain Witherspoon: Now we better all change into black to look more like pirates while the crew paint the sail.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: The crew, being Crewman Tennant?
Captain Witherspoon: That’s him.
Crewman Tennant: Well, it’s a bit slapdash, but I think I nailed it.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: How did you get footprints on it?
Take these. I need you to deliver the password by semaphore so that we can gain entry to the cove. Don’t botch it, many Belgian spies died to bring us this information.
Crewman Tennant: I won’t let you down, Sir.
Heinrich Von Bastard: What’s the deal with that small ship with the messy jolly roger?
Cultist: They’re coming in to dock.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Do they have clearance?
Cultist: It’s an older password, but it checks out. I was going to let them in... Is there a problem?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Up to you, I don’t believe in micro managing. I was just bored.
Crewman Tennant: We’re in, Sirs.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Hmmm...
Lieutenant Pipeblower: What is it?
Lieutenant Seawalker: I’m endangering the mission.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: How so?
Lieutenant Seawalker: Von Bastard knows I’m here.
Captain Witherspoon: Oh, you’re just being paranoid.
Heinrich Von Bastard: “older password”?... does it get much older than semaphore? 
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