"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 130 Fortress of Magnitude

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Captain Witherspoon: Er... How did you get on?
Lieutenant Seawalker: Like a house of fire.
Captain Witherspoon: I hope you didn’t burn that place down just to make that stupid joke.
Captain Seaword: Ah, Captain Breakwater. Welcome back to the, er... not being frozen.
Captain Breakwater: Eloquently put, Captain Seaword.
Captain Seaword: What’s in all the sacks?
Midshipman Jenkins: Frog nosh.
Captain Seaword: Oh good, the steward’s cream of lard soup is getting a bit old.

Heinrich Von Bastard: So what do you think?
Cultist #1: It’s a tad ostentatious.
Heinrich Von Bastard: You think so?
Cultist #2: Well it’s meant to be a hidden refuge from the authorities.
Cultist #4: Yes, it rather calls more attention to the place than I think its founders intended.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Look, the Royal Navy already know it’s here, now. I figured a ‘come and get me’ vibe was in order. The skull even faces England.
Cultist #5: Well, 10 points for artistic flair, 2 for damage control.
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