"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 013 Subtle Hitchcock Reference

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A few weeks later...

Captain Breakwater: Captain’s log, June... er.. oh crap, I left my journal on the ship. A great hellish Vessel, or possibly beast, has taken the ship. I took the liberty of jumping on a boat when I saw its glowing red eyes through the fog, bearing down on us to report its presence to Naval command.
Crewman: Ah, Captain Breakwater?
Captain Breakwater: Yes, crewman?
Crewman: I don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything, but is not the Captain meant to go down with the ship?
Captain Breakwater: Firstly, I have important documents that must be delivered. Secondly I can’t leave you chaps to describe what just took place here.
Enough reports from sea have been dismissed because they’ve come from rum soaked deck hands and green officers. I don’t want this reduced to the company of Mermaids, the Kraken, undead ancient Vikings, and other late night ghost story filler.
Crewman: Wait, so those things are real?
Captain Breakwater: Quite probably. So you see it must come from a reputable source. For the underclasses have no credibility.
Crewman: No, Sir.

Undead Viking 1:
Hmmm... My ears are burning.
Undead Viking 2: Me too.
Mermaid: Mine too.
Sleestack: What is that, code? Screw it, I fold.
Burgundy Pete: What do you mean there’s no Captain onboard?
Midshipman: He... er... was taken ill and died. We buried him at sea.
Burgundy Pete: Well, I need to take someone’s sword.
Midshipman: First Lieutenant Pipeblower is acting Captain
Burgundy Pete: Bah... That’ll do.

Acting Captain Pipeblower: No, this isn't good at all. Five of the most notorious pirates working together on a monster of a ship. I just can't believe it.
Captain Witherspoon: Not to mention the Giant, eh?
Acting Captain Pipeblower: The giant?
Captain Witherspoon: You didn't meet teh one in charge?
Acting Captain Pipeblower: The one in...?
Lucifer's Bile Duct!!! What is that?!?
Captain Witherspoon: That's his parrot.

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