"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 129 Breaking the Ice

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Jaques La Cabane: Nngh!
Crocodile #1: Hechh...
Crocodile #2: Hsssk...
Leutenant Seawalker: Right, well now that that’s sorted out, let’s free Captain Breakwater. Where’s the den?
Agent Winfield: It’s in the back. He uses it as a trophy room.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: We should loot it.
Midshipman Jenkins: But we’re on a rescue mission not a pirate raid.
Leutenant Kirk: Ah, You must be new to the British Navy.
Agent Winfield: So the grim looking bit of skirt that gave this torch to Jaques said you just have to expose the ice to it for a minute or so, and stand back and wait if you want him out.
I’m told this will take some time.
Sometime Later...
Captain Breakwater: Do have any idea what’s like being frozen with your mouth open when you have sensitive teeth?
Hells teeth man!
Wait a minute... Where the hell am I?
Leutenant Kirk: Jaques La Cabane’s trophy room.
Captain Breakwater: Son of a toothless whore! Where is he?
Leutenant Seawalker: Stuck in his own trap door over some crocodiles.
Leutenant Kirk: Or alligators.
Captain Breakwater: Having trouble shifting that weight, Monsieur La Cabane?
Here let me help you.
Jaques La Cabane: Nonono!
Captain Breakwater: That should keep them fed for a week or two.
Jaques La Cabane: Argh!!!
Mes entrailles!!
Crocodile #1: Om nomnom.
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