"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 127 The Chaise

Jabbas Palace Trap Door Rancor Pit French Spy English Spy Our Man Winfield Butler Fan Cat Chair Guards Garden
Château la Glouton,  France, sometime later...
Captain Witherspoon: Alright, we need to get Captain Breakwater out of there quickly.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Quickly? Why, what’s happened?
Captain Witherspoon: I’m sick of being a Gardner.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Fair enough, Sir.
Captain Witherspoon: Now, once you’re, in Agent Winfield will inform you on how to free Captain Breakwater.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Okay, and Pipeblower made it in?
Captain Witherspoon: Yes, he’s in there serving as Jacques translator. The others are disguised as various thugs and will assist you if it all goes south.
Butler: Ooooouuuuiiiiii?
Lieutenant Seawalker: Er, yes, hello. I’m a visitng priest, I’ve come to take confession from the...
Agent Winfield: Let him in, Gilles.
Seawalker, Im Winfield, your man inside.  
Lieutenant Seawalker: Nice to meet you.
Agent Winfield: Now listen, you’ve got only tonight to get Breakwater out. He’s on the wall in the den. The torch on next to it was lit by the breath of the Giant, so it’s the only thing to defrost the icy prison.
Lieutenant Seawalker: So we can use that to free the others?
Agent Winfield: Yes, which is why we can’t fight our way out or we might lose the flame.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Understood.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: The mighty Jaques welcomes you to his home.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Ah, yes. Thank you for having me. I’m here to-
Jaques La Cabane: Dites lui de sauver son souffle. Je sais qui I'll est
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Uh oh, He says he knows who you are.
Jaques La Cabane: Merde, vous étiez censé prendre du reculé àcette révélation.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: And I think he was rather counting on you standing on that trap door.
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