"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 126 On the Slab

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Admiral Hackbur:
According to our man Winfield Captain Breakwater, in his frozen state, is in the clutches of Jacques La Cabane; a wealthy underworld figure who maintained wealth and power through the revolution and war like some sort of Talleyrand of the criminal fraternity in France. The rest of the frozen officers, as you know, are still on board the colossal pirate ship ‘Eviscerator’ awaiting the decision to pay this Von Bastard’s exorbitant ransom.
Captain Seaword: My men are ready to storm this ‘Pirate’s Cove’ and teach this villainous scum a lesson.
Admiral Hackbur: Ah, yes, thank you Captain Seaword. But the rescue of Captain Breakwater will need more subtlety. We’re not officially at war with France right now, so we can’t send in the boys as such.
Captain Seaword: Have it your way.
Admiral Hackbur: For this task Captain Witherspoon as assembled a small undercover team.
Is your team ready, Captain?
Captain Witherspoon: Yes Admiral, I’d like to request that Lieutenants Seawalker and Pipeblower accompany me. Pipeblower speaks fluent French and Seawalker is remarkable in combat.
Admiral Hackbur: Granted. Well let’s get this dual mission underway, unless anyone has anything to address.
Well actually, Sir...
Admiral Hackbur: What is it Pipeblower? The Naval issue gold teeth aren’t giving you trouble are they?
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Ah no, Sir, it’s just... Am I really the only person who finds it rude to be using Captain Stable...
...as a Captain's Table?
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