"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 125 Whisky and Ice

cliff fall crash rebuild fronzen fortress bucket of whisky giant cultists monks red eyes skull face pirate
Cultist #1: What the hell was that?
Cultist #3: I think Heinrich’s back.
Cultist #2: I’d better get him a drink.
Heinrich Von Bastard: No one going to make a “nice of you to drop in...” quip?
Cultist #1: No.
Cultist #2: No.
Cultist #3: No.
Cultist #4: No.
Cultist #5: No.
So did you get those escapees?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, just as I caught up to them, I got summoned to Atlantis, although I did manage to get a lift back in a spaceship owned by an ancient Norse demigod.
Cultist #1: Just another day in 1830s Earth, eh?
Heinrich Von Bastard: So, anyway this place needs a bit of a facelift.
Cultist #1: Yes, it took quite the pummelling in the attack.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Then Pirate’s Cove shall get a make-over.
Cultist #1: Right, and something pretty solid as British Naval Officers have escaped with knowledge of its existence and location.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yes there’s going to be trouble.
Cultist #2: Scotch?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ooh thanks.
Cultist #2: You could probably whip up something quite formidable with that freezy-stick gizmo thing you were using before.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yes, solid impossible to climb walls...
Cultist #3: ...hearths that won’t melt the ice...
Cultist #5: ...a super fun happy slide to the docks...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yes, I shall create the ultimate sea station; impenetrable, hostile, and probably quite cold. Any objections?
Pirate: Well, actually...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Then it’s settled! Work begins now.
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