"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 124 As The Worm Turns

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Buccaneer 1:
Fishing’s kind of funny when you think about it.
Buccaneer 2: Hmm?
Buccaneer 1: Well we stick a live earthworm on a hook and it lures a fish.
Buccaneer 2: So…?
Buccaneer 1: Well who thought of that? Who knew that fish would go for worms? 
It’s not like they cross paths naturally. Who saw a fish eating a worm? Are there even worms in the sea? 
Buccaneer 2: There be eels.
Buccaneer 1: Right, so do sharks or whales eat eels in front of fish thereby encouraging them to eat worms?
Buccaneer 2: I think the rule of the ocean is you swim around eating anything smaller than you until something bigger than you comes down on you and it’s all over.
Heinrich Von Bastard: HEADS UP!!!
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