"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 123 Premature Ejection

triskull red skull spinal tentacles bomb bay exit release space ship bligr ice warrior demi god norse mythology  stratosphere sky skyfall pirate cloud ship evil mastermind  push window
Heinrich Von Bastard: Thanks for the use the facilities so I could make this killer eye patch.
Blígr: Sure...
Heinrich Von Bastard: I was getting sick of that sail-rag around my head.
Blígr: You don’t say...
Heinrich Von Bastard: This makes me look like a Megadeth album cover.
Blígr: Yes, it’s very whatever the thing you just said...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Waohuaay!
Blígr: Good luck with your pointless endeavours you overpowered, underachieving, frivolous, waste of immortality.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Thank you!
Blígr: Hmmm...  good ears.
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