"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 122 One Flew Over the Crows Nest

spaceship sea ship tall ship poseidon shipwreck sea dragon pitchfork trident
Poseidon: Hmmm... Well... no rum or port in there, I guess you’re clean too. I’ll get to the bottom of this missing booze situation sooner or later though. One of you knows something.
Sea Dragon: Arghghg....

Lieutenant Kirk:
Sorry about the mush diet instead of Mr.Jenkins chicken, Pipeblower, I’m sure the Navy will pay for some wooden teeth when we get back.
Lieutenant Seawalker: While I suppose I’ll be getting a hook. Next time I fight that giant I should ask him where he got that anchor flail.
Captain Witherspoon: Huh?
Crewman Tennant: Not sure what I’m supposed to yell out for this, Sirs!
Midshipman Jenkins: Is it a flying ship or some kind of sea monster?
Drew Baxter: Well if it’s a sea monster it certainly ate something incredibly spicy given the fire coming out the back of it.
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