"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 120 Suspiciously Queit

atlantis atlantean lost city earthquake deserted abandoned pirate ship rigging jacobs ladder crows nest
Second Mate Affogato: Awfully, quiet down there, Mistress.
The Sea Widow: Yes… Let’s take a closer look.
Second Mate Affogato: Hmmm… Either everyone’s doing some serious skiving down there or…
The Sea Widow: …or you just made First Mate, Affogato.
First Mate Affogato: What happened here? Who the hell are these guys?
The Sea Widow: English Naval Crewman.
First Mate Affogato: How do you know that?
The Sea Widow: Just a hunch.

Atlantean Guide: He’s been in there quite a long time what’s happening?
Atlantean: All the guards have gone in and…
Atlantean Guide: My Gods what’s that rumble?
Atlantean: The main building’s quaking and starting to shatter!
Atlantean Guide: He must be really dishing it out to that red triskull thing!
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