"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 115 Bounty Swap

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The Sea Widow: Get Captain Breakwater into the cargo hold.
And get moving with that Tow-harness.
Two-Hook Pete: We’re about ready to leave, where’s Captain Von Bastard?
Pier L’Eau Bleue: He went off to stomp some stragglers who were rowing away in a small boat.
Ogre McNutjob: Right, well I suppose we move on with the plan. To England?
The Sea Widow: No.
We’re swinging by France first to get a new sail for my ship, as mine’s been torn off, and to deliver Captain Breakwater to Jacques La Cabane who put up quite a lucrative bounty on him.
Two-Hook Pete: But we’re meant to deliver him to the English.
The Sea Widow:Captain Stable will suffice.
Captain Greenbeard: Eve! Forward with ye, and make sail for Froggyville.
Mr.Myrkull: Krrrr....
EVE 5000: Yes, Captain.
The Sea Widow: How does this thing even move? All your sails are too small... and burnt.
Captain Greenbeard: Well, missy, she’s powered by some underbelly whirly m’gadgets in the lower decks that I don’t rightly understand.
The Sea Widow: Okay, then.
Elsewhere at sea...
Lieutenant Seawalker: Officers and crew assembled as requested, Captain Witherspoon, Sir!
Captain Witherspoon: Ah excellent, and what an elite gathering we have here, Lieutenant Seawalker, Lieutenant Pipeblower, and Lieutenant Kirk, the respective protégés of Captain Oarsum, Captain Breakwater, and Captain Pike. Now you’re Captain Breakwaters mercenary friend, what’s your name again,?
Harpooner Baxter: Drew Baxter, Sir.
Captain Witherspoon: And finally... a single, solitary crewman.  I was beginning to think we had a ship full of nothing but lieutenants, haha. What’s your name, son?
Crewman: Tennant, Sir, Lou Tennant.
Captain Witherspoon: Yes, well...
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