"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 114 Airlock to the Throne

space ship advanced atlantis lost city slave power drill construction wires cables power navigational holographic projection suite Barend Nieuwstraten III Hellbastard comics
Heinrich Von Bastard: Knock knock
Wait, what is this? Some kind of portal?
A containment field! That’s a bit advanced for  the 1830s, let alone an ancient city.
Blígr: Welcome aboard, Captain.
Please make your way directly ahead.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Er… Okie Dokie.
Blígr: So what do you think?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Grossly anachronistic but impressive.
Blígr:…says the dimension jumping giant pirate with a silent propulsion system on his AI operated submersible ship.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Where did you even get this tech?
Blígr: That was your gift to me. You got some powers, I got a working understanding off containment fields, artificial gravity, interstellar travel, advanced electronics, mechanical engineering, and so on…
Blígr: So… what brings you all the way down here?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh, you know, just passing through.
Or just checking to make sure I’m making my merry way off this miserable rock so as to not cramp your style eh?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, no, nothing like that. But now that you bring it up… how long is it going to take to get this thing operational?
Blígr: About six hours, why?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I need a bit of a favour.
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