"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 011 Room With a View

Room with a View Witherspoon With a Spoon oubliette grid cage prison captive jail dungeon tall ship smoke machine steam cloak hat keys parrot red suspended mobile hanging rope suspension throne furntiure Sharpe's Waterloo
Pier L'Eau Bleue: Enjoy the honeymoon oubliette, English piggies.
Now to deal with your Captain Witherspoon.
English Sailor: Go to hell you French pirate bastard.
Pier L'Eau Bleue: I wouldn’t use the word ‘Bastard’ as an insult around here. It’s the giant’s name.
And I’d think twice about your use of the word pirate. You English are all pirates as far as I’m concerned.
I look forward to killing your men, Witherspoon.
Ogre McNutjob: You’re going to kill his men with a spoon?!?
Pier L'Eau Bleue: What?
Mr.Myrkull: Krraaahhh...?
Captain McBastard: Okay, welcome to the first meeting at the “Captains’ Table”
Lieutenant Greenbeard: Is this thing safe?
Captain McBastard:Yeah, just don’t make any sudden physical movements that might challenge the centre-weight. And be ready to grab  the nailed in place table in case I accidentally hit the platform with my giant stein.

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