"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 109 Brine and Punishment

two barrells guns dingy boat ship fire giant pirate ice sword anchor hook ocean fightHarpooner Baxter: Raghgh!!!! Say goodbye to your massive bastard kidneys you massive bastard!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Who did what now?
Did you sell your soul to the devil too, you little sasquatch?
Harpooner Baxter: No...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Then those rifles you’re still pointing at me are empty and I’m pretty sure you’re about to get squished.
I hope you like pretzels because you’re about to be bent into one.
Harpooner Baxter: With that ghostly hand?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ghostly hand?!?
No! Not now!!! I’m busy smiting mortals!
Zoltan, hound of Dracula’s, balls!!!
Lieutenant Seawalker: Ye gads? What did you do him Baxter?
Harpooner Baxter: Achilles Kidneys? I don’t know. You did just pull that sword out his heart.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Oh good, you saw that?
Harpooner Baxter: Yes, Sir. Nice work, Sir. Permission to come aboard ,Sir.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Granted.
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