"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 108 Leap of Faith

leap Empire strikes back reference Vader versus Luke Swords pirate ship sail drop fall unarmed
Lieutenant Seawalker: My hand will grow back. That was part of the deal.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I think you’ll find that your rapid regeneration only works against regular damage. You’re not covered for demonic megadamage. You won’t be able to win this fight.
So come on we’ll get you some cool black gear, a better hand, and some...
What do you think you’re doing?
Lieutenant Seawalker: The fight’s on.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Captain Oarsum has taught you well. But clearly not the prime fundamental.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Which is?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Footing.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Bugger.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Indeed.
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