"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 106 Cold Pursuit

Cliff jump fight escape empire strikes back C3P0 chewbacca pirate smuggling ship harpooner
Heinrich Von Bastard: Right, well let’s get this mid-duel cliffside fire going.
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: Eh, you’re duelling buddy is leaving with some friends.
Heinrich Von Bastard: You what?
You know, if you leave now, it’s a forfeit.
Captain Witherspoon: He’s on to us. PADDLE! 
Heinrich Von Bastard: You don’t get to walk away after calling me out.
It’s bad enough your attack interrupted some valkyrie-grade tail. So no one’s going anywhere till I’ve put something through someone.
Ah Captain Witherspoon.
Captain Witherspoon: Hello again.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I’m quite impressed you took over my ship. Credit where credit’s due and all that, but I can’t let you leave here with the information you’ve acquired.
Captain Witherspoon: Well, if I must go back, I think you should know... you’re out of lobster.
Crewman: Eh, Baxter, Is a fishing net really the best way to carry Lieutenant Pipeblower?
Harpooner Baxter: You alright back there, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Emnremm...
Harpooner Baxter: See.
Crewman: Oh buggery over a barrel, look!
Harpooner Baxter: Well... This should be fun.
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