"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 105 Time to Melt

leg bend bottom fall melt dispell anchor flail sword cliff pirate navy
Agedashi: So... Er...  what the hell is going on?  
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: Yeah, are you fighting another giant or something?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, some young British Naval punk came at me because I blew up his father.
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: So why did roofs get caved in? Couldn’t you just step on him or something?
Heinrich Von Bastard: He sold his soul to the Devil so he’s got special powers and crap.  
Agedashi: I didn’t even know that was a thing you could actually do.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh yeah, usually just musicians, politicians, and people who want to be indecently rich do it, but every now and then some bitter little ball of hate does it for revenge.
Agedashi: Wow, that’s really some serious commitment.
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: So is it over now?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, we’re just taking a breather. I have to thaw out my weapons.
Lieutenant: Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Seawalker: Huh?
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: Will that take long to melt?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Actually, now that you mention it, I don’t think the night air is really pulling its weight on this.
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: Why don’t you breathe more fire on it?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I don’t want to melt my anchor-hand.
Pierre L'Eau Bleue: Well is your duelist going to patiently wait several hours?
Agedashi: Well thanks to you there’s plenty of fire wood back around the cabins.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ooh, beach-side bonfire. Sold.
Captain witherspoon: I can’t believe you survived that fall, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Seawalker:He’s frozen everyone.
Lieutenant: Then it’s just the three of us.
Captain witherspoon: Then we better get out of here. We can’t fight all these pirates on our own.
Lieutenant Seawalker:We can’t row to safety.
Captain witherspoon: No, There’s a few smaller ships we may be able to three-man if you think get by on one leg.
Lieutenant Seawalker:I’ll be... NGNGHGH!!!! ...on both.
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