"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 103 Breaking Cover

flail duel fight british navy pirate sword anchor roof wrecking ball wine structure
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ooh. Sorry lads. Still getting used to this thing.
Pardon my flail fail.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Ha! The irony of selling my soul for the greater good is somewhat rectified by the fact that you’re probably going to kill half of our most wanted pirates while trying to kill me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: How dare you point out the humour in friendly-fire.
Stand still damnit!
Agedashi: What the hell was that?
Pirate: uhnf!
Pierre L'eau Blue: Lait de Taureau
Agedashi: !
Lieutenant Seawalker: The problem with large flails is that once you swing you’re committed. 
Giving your enemy time to retaliate.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Unless the person with the flail has played Conkers.
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