"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 102 Ice Pirates

anchor sword ice flail night pirates cryogenics frozen
Heinrich Von Bastard: Only one thing for a condemned soul, and that’s a wrecking ball.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Not sure if his rhetoric is excessively esoteric...
...or just the result of some manner of mental malady. 
Pirate Crewman 1: Man this thing is cold. How come you got gloves and we didn’t?
Pirate Crewman 3:I didn’t get gloves. These are mine.
Pirate Crewman 1: You carry around gloves?
Pirate Crewman 3: Of course, what if I ha-
Lieutenant Seawalker: Excuse the intrusion.
Pirate Crewman 3: Oi, what was that?
Pirate Crewman 2: It... It looked like a British Naval Lieutenant.
Pirate Crewman 3: He was bloody fast.
Pirate Crewman 1: No wonder he got out of freezing.
Pirate Crewman 2: Are we supposed to go after him?
Pirate Crewman 3: Nah, I’m sure somone’s on it.
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