"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 100 Cold Shoulder

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Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, young man, you’re going to want to be quick on your feet because this is going to be a very one sided fight.
Lieutenant Seawalker: That’s alright. I took the liberty of selling my soul to the devil before turning up this evening.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well that’s a conflict of interest.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Why’s that?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Aside from the fact that your eternal soul now belongs to a friend of my Father, you’re going to go to Hell no matter how this fight turns out.
Lieutenant Seawalker: So? I know. I read the contract. As did my Father before me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Your Father sold his soul too?
Lieutenant Seawalker: That’s right, for King and country.
Heinrich Von Bastard: So you’ll both end up in the same place as me.
Lieutenant Seawalker: I suppose.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Awkward, don’t you think?
Ha! Trapped.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Uh oh.
Heinrich Von Bastard: All too easy. Perhaps you’re not as...
Lieutenant Seawalker: Uh hem.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Impressive, my Fausty little friend.... most impressive.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Didn’t you notice something land on your shoulder?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I thought it was my parrot.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Oh. So anyway... as I was saying. You killed my father, prepare to die.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Stop saying that. And how would you even know? I don’t remember seeing a baby there that day.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Captain Oarsum was there. He told me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah... the dude with the monocle who stabbed me in the chest?
Lieutenant Seawalker: That’s him.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah.... I see... I thought everyone was yelling “Awesome! Awesome!” that day.
Lieutenant Seawalker: Yeah, he gets that a lot. Now die.
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