"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 010 Premature Rejection

spikes spike throne skull exposed captive pirate navy wood horror utgarde keep Northrend smoke steam iron hell demon demonic captain ropes bondage ramp telescopic stein beer drink consume chair cape belt strap leather
Lieutenant Greenbeard: Ye be all commin’ to see the captain in charge at the stern.
Fer the crew he’s offering a choice; join our crew or be dumped on the nearest island.
Midshipman Jenkins: We’ll take the island, you pirate scum.
Captive 2: Yeah
Captive 3: Hear, hear.
Captive 4: You tell him.
Captain McBastard: [to Captain Witherspoon] Ah captain, welcome aboard the Eviscerator.
Captain McBastard: [to Lieutenant Greenbeard] I take it the men have been given the ultimatum.
Greenbeard: Yes sir, they chose the island option, Sir.
Captain McBastard: They’d rather be killed and have their corpses dumped on the nearest Island than join my crew? Well I can’t help but be a little hurt by that decision.
Captive 2: Oh.. uh dead eh? Er,no we’ve changed our minds;  yeah, we’d love to join your crew.
Captain McBastard:No, no. I’ve been burnt. You’ll only hurt me again.

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