"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 099 On The Road Again

on the road again levaithan jonah lantern belly stomach
Jonah: Welcome back to the Leviathan.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Jonah? You’re alive?!?
Jonah: Yes, there’s no escaping. Once it catches you it never lets you go! Not until it reaches its home. I tried to explain this to you earlier but You’re so damn impulsive!
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Hey, I like your new look.
Jonah: Yeah... thanks for that, now I’m going to be a skeleton for the rest of eternity!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Eternity?
Jonah: Yes, this beast is a vessel of the afterlife!
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Oh God! What horrible place is it delivering us to?
Jonah: TO HELL!!!!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh, thank God, I thought we were in trouble there for a second. ...Oh well hang back, and relax.
Jonah: What?!? That doesn’t bother you?
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Nope.
Jonah: But he... wait. Where did you get that cigar?

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