"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 092 Acid Bath

indigestion leviathan pirate seabeast wyrm belly jonah
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well it’s been fun Jonesy, but I got to fly. I’m blasting my way out. Things to do.
Jonah: No, what are you doing? You’ll upset it’s stomach!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Owwwhhh... poor little Levy’s going to have an upset tum-tums.
And stop shhhing me, I’m trying to concentrate.
Jonah:  You fool!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh god is it just me or does this shit really burn?
Jonah: IT BURNS!!!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hang in there little buddy, I’m nearly through. We’ll have you back in Nineveh in no time.


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