"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 087 Hierarchy

german rank neptune poseidon zeplin avatar
Oberstleutnat Laibach: Oberleutnant Neubauten
Oberleutnant Neubauten: Yes, Oberstleutnat Laibach?
Oberstleutnat Laibach: Fetch, Sanitätsunterfeldwebel Krupps would you, I think I’m suffering from some low pressure mental disorder. Either that or...
Oh never mind, looks like the emergency’s on us. We really should consider shorter rank titles.
Oberleutnant Neubauten: Yes Sir, I’ll have Beschlagschmiedunteroffizier Blinmann make a note to Verwaltungsamtmann Royce at the first available opportunity.

Poseidon: As for you, you faceless bastard, I send forth a great frenzy of ravenous sea beasties!
Counterspell this!

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