"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 065 Mystery Crate (Don De Dieu?)

Mystery Crate Gift of the Gods Don De Dieu
Beanie Deckhand: Yar... a foul storm be upon us, and it be bearing something evil in its winds.
Eye Patch Deckhand: Ye say that every storm, shut up and mop.
Where the hell  did this thing come from?
Beanie Deckhand : It looks like giant bottles of Rum and or Port!
Captain Greenbeard:  Holy swigging Mackerel! Call the rest of the men.
Eye Patch Deckhand: Aye Aye Captain.
Captain Greenbeard: Men, I’ve gathered Ye here to show you that the Gods are smiling upon us! They’ve delivered us from sobriety with this gift.

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