"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 193 And so... the End (for now)

and so arachnoskullcano island the end star wars diolague print scrolling text wide shot the finish wrap up skull heinrich von bastard hellbastard barend nieuwstraten III hypoid spectrox toxemia deadfeed cannibalingus teeth skull skeleton dutch scientist art comic picture blue sea spider skull volcano mini skull islands blue clear sky and so on..

And so Arachniskullcano Island, now patrolled by cyborg-gorillas, with a hardened young orphan army in training under the guidance of an elite group of British troops  brainwashed and renamed after characters from a Brit-com that was yet to air for another  Thirty years, administrated by cultists from a distant planet, maintained by a General’s head in a jar, and run by a giant floating  demonic skull with the undead assistance of a mad Dutch Scientist  and some guy named  Jonah,  was established and its  crew drank merrily into the night... ready to embark upon many future adventures in Supervillainy.  
And so was the rather long winder Birth of a Bastard...

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