"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 192 Flash

Queen Flash Flash Gordon bierstiefel we are the champions metal jaw trapjaw out of order spike helmet world war 1 purple LEDs orange goggles grey hair scientist science beirstein helmet cultists bandaged man dungeon british hellish dutch german english windmill holland netherlands spaten beer bier oktoberfest skull green eyes eye lazer door bars red stripes cainine molar incisor hydrolic glove uniform men in black sphenoid spectrox toxemia hypoid deadfeed winfield red glasses it's just us now so you'll have to lay low down here another day soldier another day  wait how is this a vicoty song? I meant to put on we are teh champions but i can never go past this track no i've taken care of that no one will look in here
Dr.Vergiftgezicht: Wait, how is this a victory song?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I meant to put on ‘We Are The Champions’ but I can never go past this track.


Agent Winfield:  It’s just us now. So You’ll have to lay low down here.
Lieutenant:  hmmfphh mmffph?
Agent Winfield: Another day, soldier, another day.
Lieutenant: Hnnrrff hrp hmm gnn?
Agent Winfield:  No. I’ve taken care of that. No will look in here.


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