"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 189 Positive Reinforcement

trapjaw skelator hybrid stripes bionic six million dollar man terminator Heinrich Von Bastard Hellbastard Floating skull green eye lazer vision arachniskullcano island fortress hidden base cannons miniguns machine guns robot droid cyborg SAS special forces British French Dutch German hell ocean sea  mirror surgery upgrade
Jonah: I’m... a... monster... A magnificent monster.
Dr. Vergiftgeicht: Yes, Heinrich’s replaced all your “uniform stuffer” with battle mechanics
Jonah: Yes, well Woodputty and Financial Times proved less than adequate in combat. What did they do to you?
Dr. Vergiftgezicht: Not sure yet. I apparently have to watch something called the Six Million Dollar Man’ just to find out.
Jonah: Sounds like he’s stuffed you with the shredded issues of the Financial Times.

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