"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 188 The Parting of Ways

parting of ways clockwork orange eye drops dropper glasses red eyelids infotainment hypnotoad Heinrich Von Bastard Hellbastard Floating skull green eye lazer vision arachniskullcano island fortress hidden base cannons miniguns machine guns robot droid cyborg SAS special forces British French Dutch German hell ocean sea  abandon
Agent Winfield: Well sir, you’ve made a mess of things. ...with all due respect.
The General: Help me.
Agent Winfield: Afraid I’m going to have to hang you out to dry, as it were, Sir. Can’t compromise the mission and all that.
It was an honour serving under you all the same though.
But you understand.
Have to stay undercover.
Take some solace in that whatever you become, at least you’ll enjoy the drinks here.

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