"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 186 Ook!

ook terrry pratchet gorillas miniguns bar pass out drugged slipped lloyd shining Heinrich Von Bastard Hellbastard Floating skull green eye lazer vision arachniskullcano island fortress hidden base cannons miniguns machine guns robot droid cyborg SAS special forces British French Dutch German hell ocean sea
Gorillaborg: Oook oohk.
Lloyd: Take him to the re-education theatre and prep him.
Gorillaborg: Oook?
Lloyd: Just stick him in the chair, and put the clamps on.
Gorillaborg: OOOOK!!!
Lloyd: Oh right... miniguns for arms.
Gorillaborg: Ookk hmmp.
Lloyd: Hmmm... why don’t you just hold them out in a row and I’ll put him on top.
Gorillaborg: Ookk ooopmh.
Lloyd:  Alright, ready? 1... 2... 3...

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