"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 181 Family Honour

drag hipflask flask whisky scotch quickly this way here's to you revenge great great grandfather lineage ancestor medidroid robot spider tank Heinrich Von Bastard Hellbastard Floating skull green eye lazer vision arachniskullcano island fortress hidden base cannons miniguns machine guns robot droid cyborg SAS special forces British French Dutch German hell ocean sea  corridor drag
Heinrich Von Bastard: Quickly, this way! ...and watch the ceiling.
Agent Winfield: Alright, Lieutenant. Let’s get you some where quiet before any of these booze-hounds remember you ever existed.
The General:  Great, Great, Grandfather, here’s to you.
I’m finally getting that Bastard for impaling you on a filthy French Eagle.
Agent Winfield: General?
The General: Agent Winfield?
Agent Winfield: Yes, Sir. Just letting you know your men have been captured.

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