"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 165 Secret Squirrel

photo spycam spy secret agent HQ mi5 underground base military intelligence slide show overhead projector Hellbastard Heinrich Von Bastard Floating skull laser eyes green sharp teeth disembodied cartoon comic birth of a bastard cranium fire breath hell demon spawn alien evil scientist Doctor dr vergiftgezicht jonah
British General: We received these photos from Agent Winfield along with a tape recording he got out to us.
These are apparently the elite henchmen amongst which Winfield has hidden.
This is the infamous evil Dutch Scientist Dr. Vergiftgezicht. Missing since the Great War until now.
And in charge; one Heinrich Von Bastard. His name brought some interesting entries in secret service archives. Dating strangely back to the war with Napoleon.
The first file had this soldiers field drawing of an early sighting a giant French Captain crushing many British soldiers underfoot.

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