"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 160 Testing the Equipment

testing the equipment amelia earhart  missin plain Lockheed Electra 10e Hellbastard Heinrich Von Bastard Floating skull laser eyes green sharp teeth disembodied cartoon comic birth of a bastard cranium fire breath hell demon spawn alien turrets laser machine guns minigun airplane down crash lost at sea
Dr. Vergiftgezicht: Alright, when and where are we?
Heinrich Von Bastard: June 1937. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 10km from Howland Island.
Cultist technician: Sir, we have a proximity alert
It’s a plane, Sir.
Jonah: And it’s heading right towards us.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, time to test out the new defences.
Cultist Technician: Mini-Island ready!
Heinrich Von Bastard: FIRE!

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