"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 155 Tunnel of Love

New home base murder in the dark sphenoid eye socket tunnel of love Hellbastard Heinrich Von Bastard Floating skull laser eyes green sharp teeth disembodied cartoon comic birth of a bastard cranium fire breath hell demon spawn alien
Mad Scientist: It sure is dark in this tunnel. Have you thought about reflectors at least?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I like it like this. Makes people question whether to not they should be in here.
Mad Scientist: A spy or ninja may not care.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Sure, but that’s what the surrounding mini-island mini-gun turrets are for.
Oh Crap, where’s Jonah?
Jonah:  I’m right here.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh... we need to stick some LEDs to your sphenoid or something. Two empty eye sockets don’t come up very well in the dark.
It’s still mostly unfurnished but you get the idea.

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